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3-inch Diamond Concrete Core Bits- Click for sizes

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CanWest 3-inch and 3.5-inch Core Bits. With fast drilling speeds, reduced vibration, and concentrated diamond blended segments.



Field Tested & Certified by CanWest Concrete

Diamond core drill bits deliver high performance and long life at affordable prices.

This core drill bit is optimized for a wide range of construction materials including concrete, masonry, pavers, bricks and blocks. Constructed with grade A, arranged diamonds for extremely fast drilling and coring.

Laser welded segments and thin wall steel core for reliability.

Segment bond designed for general purpose drilling a wide range of construction materials. Diamond crystals are laser arranged to ensure consistent cutting speed and longevity of the segment.

Our bits are tested on concrete reinforced with rebar and dowels to simulate the most demanding work environment.

Operation: Wet 

Material: Concrete (all-types) 

Tip: Diamond segments

Drilling Mode: Rig-mounted

Bit Diameter:  3 or 3.5 inches

Bit Length: 16 or 18 inches

Bit Thickness:  0.125 inches

*Select size for specific sizing options


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