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Are the diamonds in diamond blades real?

No, the diamonds used in the blades are not classified as real diamonds.

The diamonds are classified as artificial diamonds that are engineered for the segments of the blades. They are designed to be stronger than a natural diamond. A huge benefit of artificial diamond is that manufacturers can control the size, strength/weakness against the size or a real diamond.

Different blades, require different diamonds based on the strength that the blades will need to perform at. The size of the artificial diamond will also make a difference.

The larger the Diamond is the longer it will last. Essentially the larger diamonds will break down into smaller diamonds, extending the life of your blade. However, with larger artificial diamonds, the effectiveness of your cut will be reduced over time.

The smaller the diamonds, the harder they tend to be. These diamonds will perform right to the end and then your cutting will just stop. Your blade speed will not be reduced over a period-of-time and will continue to present effective cutting.

In conclusion, artificial diamonds are far more superior to natural diamonds. A natural diamond is only meant to worn or showcased in jewelry. Personally, I would never design a blade with natural diamond – It would be a terrible blade….

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