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What are diamond blades good for?

Diamond blades are built to cut through the hardest of materials such as cured concrete, asphalt, brick, marble, block, granite, tile, or any material with an aggregate base. The laser set diamonds allow delicate easy cuts through these materials where non-diamond blades would wear faster and create messier cuts.

Synthetic diamonds are resistant in nature and have a high rate of abrasion rate allowing these blades to be a perfect solution for masonry needs.

How do diamond blades work?

The exposed diamond crystals or chips on the segments of the blades grind through the materials being cut. The laser engraved chips are bonded to the segments. As the blade drags across the surface the diamond chips break down across the surface creating a grinding action.

Due to the grinding action, the blades wear down over time. The diamonds are reduced to a fine powder releasing from the blade. As the metal bond on the segment grinds down, more diamond chips are exposed.

Once all the chips are grinded down, your blade will no longer cut.

Innovative engineering such as synthetic diamonds and length in your segments can cause a blade to have a longer life.

How long do diamond blades last?

Life span of your blade will depend on quality of your blade, Rotations on your saw, wet or dry cutting, hardness of material being cut, and technique being used while cutting. If you are not using the blade as intended, the life expectancy of you blade can be half or less

It’s not a simple answer, but your blades should last anywhere from 12 to 120 hours.

What is a diamond core bit? What is a core bit used for?

A diamond core bit is a steel tube with diamond segments attached to one end. Core bits are used to drill holes in materials. They are typically used for drilling holes for air conditioning, water pipes, gas nozzles, electrical wires in walls & floors and furnace ventilation pipes.

What speed is a diamond core bit?

Each drill and core bit will be different based on the recommended rates and the material being cut. Most drills will recommend anywhere from 1,000 – 3,000rpm for the correct operation of your diamond core bit.

The wider a diameter of a core bit the lower the recommended RPM will be. Smaller core bits typically drill with higher rpm.

If you cut too slow you will polish the material you are trying to cut. If you run your rpm to high your job will take a very long time from start to finish. You will know if you are using it wrong when you find there are no diamond chips left on the segments of your blades or the edge appears smooth. You may be able to release more chips by drilling into a soft abrasive material.