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The Weekly Cut

  • CanWest is Committed to Quality Control

    CanWest Diamond products is the only distributor of diamond blades and bits in Canada to have a parent company that works in the concrete cutting field, giving us the unique ability to test new products on actual concrete and asphalt cutting jobs. We weed out the products on the market that are overpriced and underperforming.
  • Concrete Cutting: When To Do It Yourself and When to Call a Pro

    Are you embarking on a project at home that requires cutting some concrete? Some concrete projects around your home are simple to do yourself if yo...
  • Anatomy of Diamond Blades

    Cutting through concrete, asphalt and metal is a cinch when you have the right tools. Diamond blades are produced very specifically for each unique...
  • Simplifying Purchasing Diamond Cutting Products

    Do you ever wonder about the blades and bits you use? How they affect your cuts or how they wear on your tools and your bottom line? Blades are oft...