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Testing diamond concrete cutting bladeTesting diamond core drill bit

CanWest Diamond products is the only distributor of diamond blades and bits in Canada to have a sister company that works in the concrete cutting field, giving us the unique ability to test new products on actual concrete and asphalt cutting jobs. No other distributor has a concrete cutting industry leader using knowledge and expertise to test and compare blades and bits of different strength, manufacturing, and purpose. We weed out the products on the market that are overpriced and underperforming. The result is our catalogue, which includes only the blades and bits that have the right balance of strength, longevity, and cutting consistency at the appropriate price point.

Testing is always happening. We start a new test for concrete products at our in-house testing center if we acquire a brand-new product, are about to start a large-scale project in the field or have designed a new piece of equipment for a specialized project. Our testing center is designed based on the concrete used on airport aprons and runways. It is extremely hard and dense and contains both rebar and dowels. This simulates the most demanding of work environments by which we can prove a blade meets our standard for footage and speed.

Concrete products and asphalt blades are also tested in the field. Skilled concrete cutting operators record their findings on the job and submit a report for comparison with competing products in our inventory.  Our operators are the best in the business and demand high performance blades and bits so that they can provide the quality workmanship that we have become known for. If a new blade is not making the cut, they know it from the first job they use it on. Rest assured that the blades we offer are those used by operators that are particular about having the most efficient diamond blades and bits available.

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