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Concrete Cutting: When To Do It Yourself and When to Call a Pro

Are you embarking on a project at home that requires cutting some concrete? Some concrete projects around your home are simple to do yourself if you have the right tools but it is important to know when you should call a professional concrete cutter.


No matter what your concrete project may be your priority should be safety. Concrete dust contains a carcinogen called silica and it is dangerous to breathe. Any time you cut, or grind concrete be sure to wear a full or half face respirator with P100 cartridges, ear plugs, safety glasses, and gloves.

Some Things that you can work on yourself are;

Concrete grinding – if you need to level out an uneven concrete step or prep a concrete floor for painting, grinding is tedious but simple. Just make sure you have a good mask and rent a dustless grinder with a dust vac.

Cutting sidewalk blocks – small cuts such as cutting sidewalk blocks can be done with a handsaw.

Crack chasing – repairing cracks in your basement or garage floor.

Masonry projects - Cutting bricks or blocks as needed.


Call an Expert

The following jobs should always be done by a professional concrete cutter.

Basement Windows

You should always call a professional concrete cutter when adding or enlarging a basement window. The pros can give you the window you want without any damage to the structural integrity of your foundation.

Removal of Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls often require a wall saw, which should only be used by a professional with safety training. The right contractor will also be able to excavate the part of the wall that is below ground and remove all the brick or concrete to the appropriate dump or recycling facility.

Slab Removal

This includes removal of driveways, garage floors, patios, or poured concrete sidewalks.  Slabs require sectioning by a high horsepower concrete saw and excavation and removal with heavy equipment.


A good rule of thumb is to call an expert any time the job requires a permit, or you aren’t certain that you know how to do the job safely.


We’re here to help! Leave us a message in the comment section below if you have any questions regarding whether you should work on your current project yourself, or if you should have a professional come and look at it.

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