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Do you need a water supply before cutting?

Concrete cutting can release a lot of dust into the air that would contain silica. Silica dust can be very damaging if it gets inhaled or gets into one’s eyes. Using water helps to reduce the dust in the air, keeps the operator safer, Keeps the blade cooler, reduces noise pollution, prevents flying debris, and helps to keep the space clean.

Dry cutting in an enclosed spaces is illegal in Canada. Dry sawing concrete can cause suffocation, lung damage, and many other fatal effects.

Whether you are cutting it in an interior or exterior place; it is recommended to use a water supply. In external places, it is still recommended to use a water supply. If you are not using a water supply outside, it is recommended that you have an air filtration system in place to protect the operator and those working in the area.

For more information on silica dust, please review are safety page and if you have more questions, please contact us to talk to an expert concrete cutter today.

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