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Edmonton Diamond Blades & Core Bits

Edmonton Diamond Blades and Core Bits

Our company has recently started to enter the Edmonton market, helping wholesale buyers and small contractors alike find solutions for coring, cutting, removal, and shaping masonry materials.

We are suppliers for field tested Diamond Blades, Diamond Core Bits, Diamond Discs, and Diamond Wire.

About us

CanWest’s products are designed and engineered in Canada with our products being manufactured in China. CanWest Diamond Products manufactures our products in China so we are able to guarantee advanced synthetic diamonds at a reduced cost to our customers.  

Our engineers have developed taller segments with fixated diamonds to guarantee fast cutting of abrasives and hard materials like reinforced concrete and many other masonry materials.

Diamond products are customized to our climate and unique cutting demands within Canada. The products are built to last longer, cut further, and to help reduce project costs. All of our products have been field tested by a leading cutting company in Western Alberta.

We have warehouse locations in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver for convenient fast shipping.

All of our products can be purchased through our website, Amazon, in our stores located in Calgary & Edmonton, or via phone or email. We have a dedicated sales team that have 40+ years experience in masonry cutting to help make sure our customers are getting top quality customer service. If you call us, you will not just speak to a dedicated customer service representative, you will be speaking to someone who transitioned into that position from having field experience in concrete projects.

Our team is highly passionate about masonry cutting projects and are here to help on your next project.

Edmonton Diamond Blade Wholesale Options

Edmonton is one of the faster growing cities in Alberta, with that comes an increase in the use of masonry materials. Multiple companies and smaller concrete cutting contractors, need to find better ways of dealing with inflation, and CanWest Diamond Products understands that.

CanWest Offers multiple options so a company of any size can get a the deal they need for masonry blades, bits, discs, and wire to be able to meet their project goals.

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Wholesale is not for you?

CanWest Diamond Products offers all sorts of seasonal deals. We post advanced notice of sales on our social media, our website, and through our email subscription list.

Follow our likeminded community of Masonry cutters to get the latest updates and learn more about masonry cutting though experienced professionals.

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