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How Long Do Diamond Core Bits Last

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How long do Diamond Core Bits Last.

Generally, you can expect to drill between 150-250 holes with each bit. If you are drilling with additional conditions like reinforced concrete, you can expect anywhere from 20-50 holes dependent on the depth that you are cutting into. If there is rebar in the reinforced concrete, the number of holes-per-core bit could be a lot less.

How long your Core Bits last, comes down to;

  • Quality of your Core Bit
  • Upkeep of your equipment
  • The surface you are cutting.

Core Bit

The first thing to understand is that Core Bits are a consumable product. As the segments grind against the surface, the Diamond chips loosen. The taller the segment, the quality of the diamonds, and how the diamonds have been added to the segment matter for the longevity of the product. A core bit with tall segment heights, laser engraved Diamonds will cut a lot further than lesser brands.


The second thing to understand, If you do not maintenance your equipment, your core bits will need to perform under a lot more pressure. This means that all of the equipment is maintained yearly, and the equipment is cleaned after every use. If the Core bit is not threaded on a clean surface, debris can become lodged between the thread causing the bit to rotate on an angle or at a different RPM.


If you are cutting reinforced concrete, your core bit segments will get used up quickly. The tough surfaces cause the segments to wear out at a rapid speed.


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