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Keeping The Air Clean

When you use a diamond blade on any sort of hard material, you may notice a lot of dust. The dust can be troublesome, and you can be at risk for inhaling the dust into your lungs or getting the dust in your eyes.

One way that CanWest would recommend reducing the level of dust is to use a water compression tank. Water tanks make the cut messier but will prevent the dust from entering the air.

If you are using a dry blade, a water tank will not work for your project. Always make sure to wear your safety glasses and dust face mask to keep the particles away. Particles can be very painful if they get in your eyes, making it dangerous for you to continue operating your saw. If you inhale the particles, over time, this can do very serious damage to your lungs.  

**Please note that the dust from diamond products can contain SMI Dust and Sillica that has been known to cause a large list of illnesses – please visit our “Warnings and Safety” webpage for more information or refer to the packaging that comes with your product.

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