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Measuring RPM

Measuring RPM for Concrete Cutting Equipment

A techometer can be used to check a multitude of areas that could be affecting the efficiency of your cut. A RMP meter or techometer is a device that measures the speed of a shaft of a rotation or disk.

Pleas enote, when in doubt always call a professional or consult a mechanic that is trained on the saws. Fixing and correcting large concrete equipment should only be done by someone with mechanical training background. Please call CanWest if you occur cutting difficulties, we have trained operators that can help safely navigate though most situations and can advise of the safest way to correct a problem with your equipment.  

You can trouble shoot, correct and adjust your RPM, and learn how to get better cuts by following the steps below:

Step 1: Clean your equipment to ensure you get the cleanest reading possible. This includes Air Filters and spark arrestors. If your equipment is dirty, the dirt can affect your airflow that then can affect your equipment.

Step 2: Make sure your equipment is powered up fully. Make sure the diesel engine is full or that the generator you are using has the correct voltage to run your equipment off of. Engine performance can differ slightly if the engine is running on half full.

Step 3: Start the engine and let the engine run for 3 minutes to let the engine warm up. While the engine is running, look for your sparkplug using your operating manual.

Step 4: Connect your techometer alligator clip to the spark plug wire about 2 to 3 inches from the spark plug. If you have a digital techometer, hover the meter about 2 inches above the spark plug.

Step 5: Note the reading on the techometer. Your reading should read below the max RPM that is written on your blade.

Step 6: Run the saw at full speed and note the techometer reading. Make sure the reading is not over the amount of Max RPM written on your blade. Make sure that your machines engine is not running over the max recommended speed that it is designed to be ran at.

Step 7: Adjust the carburetor as needed to bring the techometer readings into the neighborhood of values appropriate for your saw.

Please note* CanWest Concrete cutting & Coring is not liable for errors that can occur in the process of checking or adjusting your RPM. Manufactures may have additional steps mentioned in your product operating manuals. It is recommended that you consult your equipment manual for required steps in checking RPM. The above steps mentioned are simple a general how to.

Again, If you have questions, please contact one of our trained professionals today by visiting our Contact Us page.

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