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Reducing The Risk Of Injury

If you have ever been working with a power tool and hit a rock or uneven surface, and then your power tool came to a jarring stop – you have experienced kickback. Kickback is the cause of most injuries when working with large power tools. When cutting, the kinetic energy builds up with the fast speed of the blades that then places force back on the operator of the power tool.  There is no way to completely stop kickback from happening but there are ways of alleviating the kickback for easier use.


Be Prepared

  • Wear proper PP&E and make sure that nothing on your person can interfere with your handling of the saw
  • Don’t use a power tool if you are tiered
  • Don’t stand directly behind the power tool, encase of kick back
  • Always use two hands while operating a diamond power tool
  • Make sure your saw is not too heavy for you to safely operate

Work with your material

  • Before cutting, clamp down your material or make sure to prevent your material from moving
  • Always cut straight through the material, making sure to never curve your cut

Know your technique

  • Allow your saw to get to its maximum speed prior to starting your first cut
  • If your saw has a foot hold, make sure you use it. You can use a foot hold to place more pressure on the saw with out forcing the cut.
  • Do not force your blade through your material
  • If you saw stalls or is interrupted, make sure to remove your finger from the trigger as soon as possible

When completing a cut, ease up the pressure slowly for a cleaner finish.


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