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Simplifying Purchasing Diamond Cutting Products

Do you ever wonder about the blades and bits you use? How they affect your cuts or how they wear on your tools and your bottom line? Blades are often one of the highest expenses on a big project and it has become far too difficult to understand what you are buying and why it is better than the rest of the catalogue. CanWest has done away with the typical three tier quality catalogue structure and is making buying the best quality blade or bit easy.

We are very excited to introduce CanWest Diamond Products to bring you the blades and bits that we have been testing against competing products for years and through thousands of meters of cutting. Now, whether you are a contractor, or a homeowner working on renovations there is no need to go through the trial-and-error process.

CanWest Diamond Products is affiliated with CanWest Concrete Cutting and Coring Inc., an industry leader in the concrete cutting and coring industry in western Canada. We are a family owned and operated company started by Dan Hambrook in 1982. Constant innovation and testing new ideas and products is essential to be the best in your trade. After over 38 years of constant testing of the best blades and bits to get the job done fast, and efficiently, we are ready to pass that knowledge on to you, by offering only top of the line diamond blades and bits.

Follow our blog to learn things such as why you should look for laser aligned diamond segments rather than sporadic placement, how different types of blades are made, when you should re-tip a bit vs replacing it, or what style of grinding disc you should use for your project.

We have some handy tips and insights coming your way this month, but we would love to know what you want to hear about! Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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