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Wall Sawing

Also known as Track Sawing, Wall Sawing is the most effective way to tackle a vertical or sloped surface made of concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt, or cinder block. The wall saw is a track-mounted machine that allows for precise placement of your saw cut. The machines use Diamond blades of various sizes that enhance the speed and stability of your cut.

Applications for a wall saw blade:

  • Strait, smoot finished openings in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Accurate sized, fixture-ready openings
  • Bevel cutting

 Wall Saw Capabilities

  • Track-mounted system allows for great execution of vertical and horizontal cuts.
  • Track-mounted system can be setup on steep inclined surfaces where a slab saw cannot be used safely
  • Can cut up to 24 inches deep
  • Cutting from both sides of the wall, you can reach a total depth of 48 inches.
  • Remote control and electric versions are available.

 Most wall saw blades are engineered for intensive professional use by specialist contractors. Wall Sawing is more difficult than other cuts and a professional should have training prior to using a Wall Saw.

Diamond Wall Saw Blades

 The Diamond Wall saw blades include a soft segment compound designed for more diamond exposure and allows the saw to cut using less horsepower. As the soft segment compound grinds against the surface, it breaks down exposing further diamond chips.

Our blades, include laser arranged diamonds that have been field test and developed with over 45+ years of experience backing their exceptional performance. They have been tested against other brands of blades and have been found to have better consistency in the cutting speed and have an increase longevity of the segments.

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CanWest Diamond Products is affiliated with CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc. Our team of experts can help to create precise, perfectly sized openings in your concrete walls for doorways, ventilation units, and windows. Our Wall Saws are highly portable and do not take a lot of time to set-up allowing for our team to help finish your project quickly.

Our team also has electric concrete wall saws that are perfect for high-rise building, hospitals and in other places where the traditional gas operated motors and hydraulics hoses are prohibited.

Call to speak to one of our experts today about getting a FREE quote or visit this link to see about services offered.

We can help answer all of your questions. If you need help getting the job done, we also have trained concrete cutters that can come out to your site.

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