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When To Replace Your Blade

As a handler the cost of your cut comes down to the experience of the operator, power tools used, and strength & Longevity of your blades.

CanWest field tests our products and uses the products in the field on  residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We have maintained our superior status by making sure we have experienced operators, advanced technology, and superior blades. All of the products CanWest have tested, will wear down eventually. Although, our product will last longer than our competitors, it’s important to know when to switch out or sharpen your blades. 

Things you should look for are signs of damage or warping. If any of the segments on the edges of the blade are broken or cracked, then it is time to replace the blade as soon as you can. Physical damage on a blade can make the blade extremely dangerous to cut with.

If you find your blades are not reaching their maximum speed, or perhaps they have stopped cutting, this could be a sign that your segments are glazed over. So long as you are still able to see the thickness of the segments, this is a sign that your blade simply needs to be sharpened.

If you are looking at your blade and you can see the core of the blade, this is a sign that the diamond segments have been used. This will prevent the blade from cutting and you will want to replace it as soon as you are able to.

Lastly, one of the more notable signs, is vibrations or thumbing noises. This is a result of your blade edge worn-out and a solid sign that your blade needs replaced.

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