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Core Drill Adaptors

CanWest Diamond Products keeps a small supply of adaptors on hand to help customers find a solution that works for their equipment.

We offer adaptors available in store or over the phone only - This way you can talk to an expert in Concrete Cutting and we can assure you have the correct adapter for your project needs. 

TO ORDER an adaptor with your purchase, please CONTACT US at 403-225-4445


Why an adaptor might be needed

Some brands like Hilti Bosh core drills require adapters to fit an industry standard Core Bit. This is so that the consumer is persuaded to purchase the suppliers brand of Core bits with specific threads for their brand of equipment. In instances like this, the consumer branded core bits tipically cost more, have less grinding action, and are designed to not last as long compared to industry standard threaded core bits - This is why "FIELD TESTED" is important when purchasing core bits.

CanWest only provides industry standard threads on all of our core bits. These are the same threads used by the large concrete cutting companies here in Canada.

Hilti Bosch Adaptors Available

Hilti Bosch BI+ | BS | BR

BS  (1 1/4 UNC Male)
BR (5/8 NCF Female)
CanWest Price $257.00


Hilti Bosch BL | BS | BR
BS (1 1/4 UNC Male)
BR (5/8 NCF Female)
CanWest Price $295.00


Hilti Bosch BU | BS | BR
BS (1 1/4 UNC Male)
BR (5/8 NCF Female)

Hilti Bosch Core Bit Adapter to standard industry thread

CanWest Price $295.00


Hilti Bosch 5/8 - 11 | SDS Plus

CanWest Price $34.00


Additional Adaptors not shown above

CanWest Diamond Products experts are able to get reduced contractor costs on most market adaptors to be able to offer some of the lowest prices around. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and if given the chance, we want to save you money and provide you with better products.


If you have further questions, reach out to us or visit our FAQ page.