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Wall Sawing For Beginners

Safety First!

Make sure to scan prior to cutting for hazards like electrical lines or gas lines. CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring does provide free quotes with-in Alberta for Scanning and Ground Penetrating Radar. Click here for more info.

Check both sides of the wall you are cutting and make sure barricades and warning lines are set up on each side. 

Measure wall thickness and make sure to reinforce areas of the wall with straps and wedges to prevent premature tip-out. Use a spotter on the opposite side of the wall to prevent injuries from the wall section being cut tipping out.

Follow all Wall Saw equipment manufacturing warning and wear the proper PP&E.


Getting the job done right the first time is critical and can cut down on project costs. Make sure that you have an accurate track setting.

Correct Blade!

Make sure the blade you are using is the correct blade for your bonded material being cut. Pay very close attention to your saw when cutting and make sure to match your RPM with the materials being cut. You should be able to tell by your saws performance when you have started cutting through tougher materials like rebar. Again, make sure to match your RPM.


Always make sure to use water pressure. Water is incredibly important when you are cutting walls. Also, practice step cutting to increase the horsepower of your blades and implementing step cutting can allow for an increase in water flushing.

Simple rules to avoid injury while Wall sawing:

  1. Do not operate the saw around combustible materials
  2. ALWAYS scan before you cut
  3. Double check the track is securely anchored
  4. Avoid getting in a direct line with the blade.
  5. Make sure the blade guard is in place prior to cutting
  6. DO NOT USE high speed steel blades, carbide blades or abrasive blades.
  7. ONLY use steel centered wet Diamond Blades that are in good condition
  8. Make sure the blade is running in the proper condition
  9. Plan your cuts so the piece falls in the direction you want it to tip.
  10. DO NOT cut the branch you are standing on and make sure the piece being cut is properly secured. 

If you are not sure, call an experienced operator. CanWest Diamond Products has field trained experts that can help with information. Contact us today.

If you are not confident and would like a trained operator to complete the work. CanWest Diamond Products parent company CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring also has Trained operators with 40+ years of experience operating in Canada that can provide you with a free quote. 

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