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What Makes Our CanWest Diamond Products Stronger?

There are three types of synthetic diamonds;

  • Low quality synthetic diamonds
  • Medium quality synthetic diamonds
  • High quality synthetic diamonds.

We use only high-quality synthetic diamonds in all of our diamond products. They contain the strongest crystals allowing for an increased life span of your blade. The stronger crystals can withstand hotter temperatures. Our diamond products have been field tested and proven to have high impact strength against steel and hard aggregate.

Combined with high-quality synthetic diamonds, all of our diamond cutting products contain longer segment lengths than most of our competitors. The increase segment length help to extend the grinding life of each product.

Our products are designed for Canadian cutting. All of our products have innovative design to cut more efficiently with aggregate surfaces in Canada. All of our diamond products have been field test on residential, commercial and industrial jobs and proven to cut faster and last longer than other competitor brands.  

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