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Carbide or Diamond

Husqvarna and Chop Saw with CanWest DIamond Blades


Don’t buy the wrong one. There are a few factors that can determine which you will need for your projects – the biggest obstacle being the surface you are cutting.

If you are cutting through dense hardened materials like marble, granite, or concrete you will want to be using Diamond products. Diamond is also best for surfaces like fiberglass and composites.


Diamond core bits and blades have increased longevity and a better cut rate that set them apart. They come at a higher cost but are an investment in how long they will last with an extended life.

The grinding action created with diamond tools helps to produce a smooth cut. This allows the handler to be able to complete precision cuts easier. The diamond segments have a higher thermal conductivity which means the surface you are cutting into can help stay cooler longer and decrease the amount of burn marks on your cutting surface.


Metal core bits that are normally solid tungsten carbide or have tips that are tungsten carbide cement. Carbide is still better than using hardened steel bits but will not last as long or have the efficiency as diamond tools. Carbide is more affordable, and a lot of industries choose them for this reason.

Carbide tools require water or a coolant to prevent them from overheating and burning your cutting surface. Because they need coolant, this can create a rather messy work environment. Additional cleaning will be needed after the cut. 

Still not sure?

Please contact us to speak to one of our concrete specialists. We have a support team that is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have about diamond products.

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