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How To Remove A Stuck Core Bit

It happens. Try not to pull or beat the core bit – this rarely works and can lead to damaging your core bit.

Follow the steps below to reduce the risks of damaging your core bit and to dislodge the core bit from the concrete.

Step one

Disconnect the core bit from the core drill

Step Two

Thread a piece of threaded rod of the same diameter through the hub until it hits the concrete. Then place two hex nuts on the rod

Step three

Turn the nuts with a wrench which will cause the rod to push against the concrete. This should allow for you to remove the concrete without damaging the core bit.

You can also contact one of our professionals, our team would be happy to help you over the phone. If you decide core drilling is not for you, we also have trained core drillers that can come out to your site.

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*Please note, these are just suggestions and CanWest Diamond products is not responsible for the actions of the equipment users. We offer this information in good faith. At anytime if you are not sure of how to operate your equipment, please power down, and call our team and speak with an experienced operator. 

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