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Troubleshooting Core Bits

Please use our information below to help diagnose your core bit errors and use the remedies to help with your next core drilling project.


Glazing occurs when the core bit stops drilling or drastically slows down. Glazing is caused by having to much feed pressure or if your aggregate is too hard for the core bit.
To correct glazing you can try an open bit with abrasive material (sand pot, concrete block, chop saw blade. You can also try reducing feed pressure by using an ammeter to help control speed. Alternatively, change to using a softer bond.

Crooked or bent Segments

Can be caused by a high feed pressure, not enough water, or the aggregate is too hard.
Repair the bit if possible and decrease the feed pressure while increasing the flow of water.

Segment breaking off

Common if you are using a low-quality bit, while using low water flow, or if the drill rig is not anchored properly.
Change to a higher quality bit, increase your water flow, and make sure that your core bit is anchored as per the operating instructions for your equipment.

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*Please note, these are just suggestions and CanWest Diamond products is not responsible for the actions of the equipment users. We offer this information in good faith. At anytime if you are not sure of how to operate your equipment, please power down, and call our team to speak with an experienced operator. 

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