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CanWest Diamond Blades

Innovative Engineering | Long Lasting | Low Dusting


All Blades Are Field Tested

This guarantees that the blade you purchase will have been used in actual jobsites and are proven to last longer than other brands, providing you more cuts-per-blade while reducing your costs on having to purchase multiple blades to complete a single project.


Longer Segments

Through thousands of cuts, our experts discovered that longer segments matter. This means that the blades have additional grinding life with an increased amount of diamond chips. This drastically increases the life span of your blade.


Innovative Gullet Designs

Every type of blade has a unique gullet design that benefits the type of cut for the blade. Based on the blades, the gullet designs will increase clearance strength, keep the blades cooler, as well as provide a better water transfer throughout your cut. 



Multi-purpose blades are awesome but not always your best answer. Our team has put together all of the different blades in their various sizes as they are used on jobsites. We have a blade for all your concrete & masonry cutting needs. 

If you are using the wrong blades for your projects, you will not get the longevity you deserve from your blades. Also, you will be exerting more force needed to achieve your perfect cut, placing pressure on your equipment. You may also find that your blade is not grinding as fast, taking longer to complete your cut.

CanWest has a knowledgeable team that is happy to help. If you are not sure of the blade that is best suited to your project, please give us a call, or email our team. You can get the information you need from a concrete operator with over 20+ years of experience in industry. 

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