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What is Concrete Coring

Hilti Core Drill  - Core Drilling Utility Install

Coring is the process of removing a cylindrical section of a concrete wall, floor, or structure. Coring allows for the installation of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC lines to be run through structures with minimal damage being done to the foundation.

You will often find coring being completed in building walls, floors, and ceilings. The most common uses are for placing water pipes, communication lines, sewer tie-in, electrical connections, and additional utility lines that need to pass through the concrete wall or floor.

Additional areas where coring is used include:

  • Collecting core samples for testing
  • Renovating and adding light fixtures
  • Creating holes in roads for tie-ins and drainage

Why Coring Requires Training

There are a lot of areas where drilling into a wall or foundation could cause problems. Scanning is recommended to make sure that there are no existing utilities run though the wall. It is also recommended that and experience concrete cuter review the foundation of the wall. Coring holes need to be placed in areas where it will not weaken the foundation of structure.

Additionally, concrete burns incredibly hot while being drilled into and the proper rotation speed is needed for the density of the concrete as well as cooling is required with water. The water mixes with the concrete dust to create slurry while the segments on the core bit are grinding away with the surface.

The segments on core bits wear away and having an experience operator can decrease the risks of:

  • Your surface becoming to hot and crumbling/cracking
  • Decrease the slurry in the area
  • Ensure proper filtration is being used to control Silica
  • Increase the life span of a core bit
  • Ensure a proper support base is being used for the diameter of the hole that is required.

With the proper use of a core bit, an experienced operator knows that they will need to increase or decrease the rate of rotation based on the material they are cutting into. Not having the correct rotation can damage your drill, your core bit, and the foundation you are cutting into.

Coring Services that are offered by Companies.

Concrete is a large industry and still is one of the number one choice for construction material. Almost every million-dollar project will have some sort of concrete and thus require concrete coring.

Projects include:

  • Airport lighting
  • Manholes
  • Culverts
  • Dowel Drilling
  • Building Construction
  • Architecture
  • Aggregate analysis
  • Concrete anchoring installs

Need a recommended coring company that has years of experience:

CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring has over 40+ years of experience helping owners and contractors’ complete projects. Call to get a free estimate: 403-225-4445

Hindley Scanning & Coring in Vancouver is also a highly recommended coring & scanning provider.  Call to get a free estimate: 604-690-6475

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