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Wire Sawing


What is Diamond Wire?

Diamond wire is a steel rope that has been infused with Diamond grit or ground down synthetic diamonds. It is made by mixing diamond grits with a metal binder and then entering the mixture at high temperatures. It comes in multiple sizes for a variety of different cutting projects. Recently, a smaller version of diamond wire is being used to speed-up wood machining for cutting perfect lengths of wood.

CanWest specializes in thicker concrete wire for cutting concrete specialty projects. Our wire has been designed and engineered here in Canada, made in China in an area that specializes in synthetic diamonds and strong steel, and field tested in Southern Alberta. It outperforms when cutting through reinforced concrete used on bridges and similar structures.


Diamond Wire Applications

The applications for concrete wire sawing include sawing through large pipes, demolition of large pillars and foundations, deep sawing in confined spaces and for jobs that require dry cutting.

Wire saws are quite versatile and have been used to dismantle large vehicles, underwater sawing, and smaller versions are now being used in manufacturing lines to increase wood machining.

An example of a specialty project our diamond wire was used on was back in 2011, the Royal Tyrell Museum found a fossil that CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring helped to remove from condensed rock using scanning technology, a lot of experience, a wire saw, and our CanWest Diamond Wire.  


Benefits of Diamond Wire Sawing

This is a rapid technique for cutting concrete that can be utilized to cut in any direction. Because of the wet cutting, the wire saw reduces the amount of dust that goes into the air making it a safer choice for cutting. From the moment the wire enters to the time it exits, it leaves very little waste.

Wire saws can cut through materials like stone, masonry, reinforced concrete, rebar, and steel embeds and remains one of the most accurate cutting tools today.

Looking to purchase Diamond wire, visit our store today. We also have wholesale options available for reduced pricing.

Wall sawing is complicated, and we understand. CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring has experience wall saw cutters and over 40+ years of experience with wire cutting. Call and talk to one of our team members today – we would love to hear from you.


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