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5 inch core
Core bit with long steel tube
Synthetic diamond segments on every core bit
Trio of core bits
Long Lasting Segments
Standard Industry threads
5.5 inch Diamond Concrete Core Bits - Click for sizes
Field Tested Core Bit

5.5 inch Diamond Concrete Core Bits - Click for sizes

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Field Tested  |  Thin Steel Wall  |  Laser Welded Segments  |  Long Life Span

Engineered with grade A, arranged diamonds for extremely fast drilling and coring. Laser welded segments and a thin steel core increase reliability and decrease vibrations. Above average segment height increases the cutting life of the core bit. 

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Application: Fast efficient coring and drilling
Operation:  Wet 
Material: Concrete (all types), asphalt, masonry, pavers, bricks and blocks.
Tip: Diamond segments
Drilling Mode: Rig-mounted
Recommended RPM See Table
Bit Diameter:  5.5"
Bit Length:  16 or 18"
Bit Thickness:  0.125"
Segment Height 0.400"
Weight 8 lbs to 10.2 lbs
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Thread Size

1-1/4” Standard Industry Size

Standard UNC (United National Coarse) thread sizes. Not all branded tools fit a standard thread, please check before purchasing.


Required for HILTI BOSCH.

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