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CanWest Diamond Core Bits

Longer Segments | Thin Steel Core | Versatile


All Core Bits Are Field Tested

This guarantees that the Core Bit you purchased will have been used in real life jobsites and are proven to last longer than other brands, providing you more cuts-per-bit while reducing your costs on having to purchase multiple core bits for the same amount of jobs.


Longer Segments

Above average segment height means that the core bits have additional grinding life with an increased amount of diamond chips. As your segments grind along the surface, the diamond chips are reduced to a fine dust releasing more diamond chips. This drastically increases the life span of your core bit.


Thin Steel Core

Every Diamond Core Bit has a thin steel wall that is 0.125” thick. As the core bit rotates, the thin steel wall decreases the amount of vibrations making your cut more reliable. This makes your core drill easier to operate with your CanWest core bit. It also increases stability in your cut and prevents the surface your cutting into from crumbling. 



CanWest core drill bits are optimized for a wide range of construction materials including concrete, masonry, pavers, bricks, and blocks. Great for coring for electrical, plumbing, or any type of pipe, these core bits can tackle any material to complete your job.


Extended Steel Tube 

All of our Core Bits come with an extended tube of 16” or greater. The extra length allows for you to get more depth in your angled cuts offering the user more versatility.


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