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Concrete Coring | Core Drill Bit
1 inch core bit tip
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Thread on core bit tip
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1 inch CanWest Diamond Concrete Core Bit

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Field Tested  |  Thin Steel Wall  |  Laser Welded Segments  |  Long Life Span

Constructed with grade A, arranged diamonds for extremely fast drilling and coring. Laser welded segments and a thin steel core increase reliability and decrease vibrations. 

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 Application: Fast efficient coring and drilling
Operation: Wet 
Material: Concrete (all types), asphalt, masonry, pavers, bricks and blocks.
Tip: Diamond segments
Drilling Mode: Rig-mounted
Recommended RPM See Table
Bit Diameter: 1", 1.25", 1.5" and 1-5/8"
Bit Length: 16" or 18"
Bit Thickness:  0.125"
Segment Length .400"
Weight 1.1 lbs to 2.7 lbs
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Thread Type

 5/8" threads are not standard UNC threads. Please check your tool prior to purchase

1-1/4" are standard UNC (United National Coarse) thread sizes. Not all branded tools fit a standard thread, please check before purchasing.


Required for HILTI BOSCH.

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